Demand and Supply Zone Trading Vs Conventional Trading Style

Demand and Supply Zone Trading Vs Conventional Trading Style

One of the best trading and price action concept is demand and supply zone trading, that analyses how equity, Forex and Commodity markets move and how buyers and sellers estimate the price.

Certain price points are there on every price chart where you can monitor a sudden shift between the buyers and the sellers. These strong and immediate price change areas are considered turning points or an explosive breakout. We as stock traders call those areas demand and supply zones.

Demand and supply areas can add another layer of conclusive influence to our trading strategies. It can be an added advantage with the concept of support and resistance to help us find better trades.

Often People start with the Wrong Approach with trading and make Losses. Using Conventional methods like Support & Resistance leads to profits but these Profits are too small for a Person to get INCOME to meet his Expenses. Even if a Person makes Some Good profits then one Day Market Crashes and he loses all of his Profits and his Capital too. Conventional Method like Gann Theory and Elliot wave do not work in Today’s Market because of the Impact of News which keeps coming every now and then.

To attain Extra-Ordinary Profits from anything you do, you need to do things differently. Applying Conventional methods produces Conventional Results, which not the Worth. If Success is so Easy to achieve then Everyone would have become Rich by becoming Copying someone Else.

Many times we lots of Candlestick patterns which seem to fail many times. The Only answer to this is Demand Zone & Supply Zones which make you trade with Big Fish like FII, DII, Mutual Fund, Corporate Houses etc.

Demand and Supply Zone Trading gives you Levels which act as High Probable Turning Point where Reward to Risk Ratio is Very Good and Accuracy is more than 80%. No other Trading system gives you this kind of Accuracy. On these Levels Institutions, Banks, FII, DII, Mutual Fund have Pending Orders Either Buy or Sell so when Price comes at these Levels we can see Big Movements and we can place our Order here to Get Quick Profits.

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August 31, 2018
Demand zone and supply zone are the best indicator for stock market
August 31, 2018
Demand and supply zone analysis
August 31, 2018
Conventional Trading Style is the best than Demand and Supply Zone Trading
Demand Zone
August 31, 2018
Nice article
August 31, 2018
Nice article keep it up
August 31, 2018
Nice blog
August 31, 2018
Demand and Supply Zone Trading style is the best

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