Indian Stock Market Outlook and Bullish Forecast for 2018

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Regardless of whether you are simply beginning on your trading or 2017 has just been an awesome trading year for you, December is an ideal opportunity to think about what has happened, and what you can do to enhance yourself as a trader for the following year.


In India the stock market is in grand form, leaving behind its competitor stock markets in the world. We have been particularly bullish on India for various months now. We have reasons to believe that the Indian Stock market will have a great bullish trend run in 2018 as well. In this article, we explain why.


Fascinatingly, when the movement of the price of any market takes the upper trend, everyone becomes more bullish. The similar situation goes for the Indian stock market in 2017. India stock market forecast for 2017 and 2018 is bullish. The market analyst may be used his words differently, but what was the meaning behind his words were meant that the forecast was very bullish, signifying much higher prices. This is the start of the elation just does not appear to end; at least that is the feel at the stock markets. Stock market indicator closed on its record highs on this month. And the scary and good news, depending on what type of investing philosophy you go with, is that there is still more capacity in the market then we can imagine and is still more to come.

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As we understand there is bullish momentum, all and sundry hops on with others. What happens next is that major financial institutions start publishing bullish reports.  Increasing interest in stocks from domestic households and potential M&A activity could take multiples higher in coming months. That is how it always works. As the stock market in India takes a bullish turn, the frequent the bullish news and market reports will come publishing.

The current kick in India’s stock market in 2017 is due to local investors taking over from foreign investors.

No matter what the ‘reason’, the reality remains the same: the stock market in India is in bullish shape.

A Bullish India stock market forecast for 2018

We have news broadcast for investors: the Indian stock market will remain bullish until 2018.

As mentioned in this article, the weekly chart on 5 years makes the bullish point. Well informed investors always check charts on different timeframes: daily (5-15min timeframe), weekly (24 hours) and long-term (weekly timeframe).

Once Stock Market in India broke through 9,000 points mark it became very bullish that is where we sparked another buy signal, after several one’s last years.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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