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Training in Live Market

our professionals provide practical training on strategies and implemented solutions in live market to those who approach us in the hope of best institute.

Earn While you Learn

There are few steps described below which will let you know how we proceed step-by-step in a precise and accurate way of earning while learn


First Step- Basics of Stock Market & Trading

The very first step is to focus on the basics of the stock market, as we assume that you are unaware of the concept and definition of the stock market and how the trading is done.

  1. We provide a brief introduction to the stock market, trading and investments, and trading terminologies such as IPO, Index (Nifty, Sensex), Corporate Action (Bonus, Dividend), etc. We provide the facts and myths about market-related terms.
  2. We help you to understand how to buy and sell the shares. We tell about how the mechanism of online trade works and make you familiar with the trading terms such as long unwinding and short covering, etc.

Second Step- Road Map To A Successful Stock Trading

Our main objective here is to build confidence so that you can start making money online. Here in this session, we share the case studies that talk about the stock trading whether it is Gambling or Business. Here we will make you understand the rewards and risk potentials and will discuss the knowledge, consistency, and discipline. We provide the basic analysis, role of media and its impact on the market, fundamental news, etc. Then you will learn the types of line, candlestick, bar, and essentials of the chart. We provide the step-by-step guidance for the trading lessons to help you in making money online.

Essential Features & Concepts

Third Step- Understanding The Art Of Technical Analysis

Here in this session, you will understand the analysis concepts to understand the changing trend of the market. Real-time examples, charts, and sound logic will clear your most of the doubts in this step.

  • You will learn Dow Theory to understand the demand and supply.
  • Understanding of price patterns and characteristics of demand and supply, head and shoulder, cup, flag, triangle, and double top & bottom will be described to you. In order to understand the short trend reversal candlestick analysis must be understood. We will make you familiar with gap analysis (area gap, runaway gap, breakout gap, exhaustion gap) which indicates the strength of the existing trend.

Fourth Step- Developing Strategies for Trade Executions

Stock market courses in Faridabad can be easily availed by making a search on Google. We are one of the renowned stock market course providers for beginners in Delhi. After the clear understanding of price analysis, you will learn about the instruments that are used to maximize & minimize profit and loss respectively. Trading instruments to use them to your advantage and will learn about the payoff calculations and choosing the appropriate price strike. You will also learn to develop the trade plan with the combination of instruments.

Last but not the least are the steps for the Live market session and Online Activity from home where you will develop your skills to the online market and you will learn to overcome the possible difficulties and practice to experience in real time situations. Once you are done with the training session we will provide you home online activity to practice what you have learned and implement online. We are the leading stock market course provider for beginners. You may visit our website or make a call on our number. We are always focussed to set the lessons for the trading that helps to learn and grow to be successful in the share market.

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